How to Stay Positive and Productive

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A lot of us ask and search online this common phrase: how to stay positive and productive. Too often we spend time thinking about the negative aspects of our lives, and we forget that by doing this we are hurting ourselves. Is there a way to truly think positively about situations without the negative baggage creeping up?

Well honestly, there is. The thing is though, you have to make it a daily practice to grow and strengthen your positive bubble. Here are a few ways how.

Don’t give a f***.

Whether you’re the biggest introvert or just hate wasting time on social meet ups, just think to yourself that you shouldn’t be giving a f***. Structure your time around YOU and no one else! I recently watched ‘The Magic of Not Giving a F***’ TED Talk by Sarah Knight. I was exposed to not only the funniest TED Talk, but learned the most interesting piece of advice in order to be happy (seriously click on the link and watch it).

Sarah Knight goes on to explain;

‘Time + Energy + Money = Your F*** Budget’

Knight states that you should clear out your mind and focus on the things you love and want from your life. By doing so, you’ll be able to pinpoint what truly motivates you. It is about focusing your time and your thoughts to better preserve your own mental health.

Have a job that you hate but can’t quit? Make time for hobbies you love, and do them outside of work hours. Don’t want to go to that party tonight? Stop giving a f*** and just tell that person you need some you time. Use your energy and time to do something enjoyable and meaningful for yourself.

Mark down your thoughts

Whenever something bad is happening, write a list of all the good that outweighs the bad.  If your schedule is looking overwhelming, write a list of what is most important to do. This method is so easy, and it really works.

Just plain ol’ fashioned pen and paper can help you deal with your anxiety or sadness more than you could imagine. When you lay out your situations or days out, you make yourself feel like you have more structure and control in your life. Which brings me to my next point…

Be Strong 

Amy Morin’s TED x Talks on ‘The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong’, is fascinating to watch. She takes on my idea of writing lists, and flips it around. When she was feeling low and thinking everything was against her, she wrote down all the negatives that were weighing her down.

She believes that there are no temporary fixes, and that you must try and tackle the situation head on. Look back at your list of negatives and tell yourself that this is not going to hold you down, and you’re going to triumph above it.

Amy Morin also highlights some key issues regarding our world of technology. The more we use social media, the more likely we are to look at others and compare our lives to theirs. It increases the likelihood of you starting to dislike others because of what they have and you don’t.

We must train ourselves to become mentally strong and not let things like social media wear us down. Amy Morin explains how:

“Mental strength is an awful lot like physical strength; if you wanted to be physically strong, you need to go to the gym and lift weights, but if you really wanted to see results, you’d also have to give up eating junk food. Mental strength is the same. If you want to be mentally strong, you need good habits like practising gratitude, but you also have to give up bad habits, like resenting somebody else’s success.’ 

So the next time you start to dwell on your life, use this blog post as a guide to help you. There is a reason why people are searching how to stay positive- it’s a serious issue but one that can be easier than you think to overcome. If you have your own tips or guidance, leave them in the comments below.

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