Growth Hacking Social Media – Join Me in My 2018 Goal (Free Template)

Growth Hacking Social Media Aasha Blog

Growth hacking my social media accounts has been something that’s been on my mind for quiet some time. If you’re a blogger or brand, I’m sure it is on yours too. Constant changes in algorithms and processes never makes things easy. Once you think you have a rhythm going, things can easily come to a halt. ┬áIf one of your goals is to seriously jumpstart your social media, then why not join me on the ride?

For the next year, I’m going to keep you updated on exactly how I’m growth hacking social media. In fact, I’ve created a monthly social media audit document that you can all use for your own social media purposes.

Get your social media audit document here.

You just have to select “File” and either choose ‘Make a Copy…’ or ‘Download As’ so that you can edit the document to your needs. Simple enough right?

I’m going to be doing this through my own experimentation methods and reading loads of social media and digital marketing blogs. Will this be easy? Probably not. Will it be fun? I’m going to make damn sure it is.

So lets get to the nitty gritty. I’m going to share with you guys my current followings across social media, and each month I’ll be updating on what I’ve done and haven’t done that is helping me with it.

Instagram: 3,309
Twitter: 910
YouTube: 462

I know, nothing too impressive. But that’s what 2018 is all about right? GROWTH.

Where do I want to see myself this time next year? Well I would like to be in the 5 digit range for all my social media accounts ideally. Will that happen? I’m not sure- it really depends on how much work I put into it.

Go ahead and share with me your numbers and where you want to see them go in the upcoming year. Have you done anything in the past year that has really helped out? Let me and the rest of the blogging community know.

Share this with anyone who you feel might be up for the challenge. xx


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