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Today we are so excited to introduce this week’s Brand Spotlight, SprinkleCake owned by Mya Neblett. Mya is a business woman that runs the most delicious Etsy shop around- literally. Her shop, SprinkleCake, carries a large variety of jewelry and accessories inspired entirely from food and sweet treats. From PB&J keychains to a Triple Scoop Ice Cream Cone necklace, you can definitely find an accessory to truly showcase your foodie side. Enjoy our in depth interview with Mya, below, and be sure to visit her shop and follow her on her social channels!


How did SprinkleCake come about? What made you want to start your own business?

SprinkleCake originated from my love for miniature dollhouse foods. I am also a true foodie, so making miniature, inedible foods with clay appealed to me. I started out molding clay to create my favorite foods just for fun. As my hobby grew, and I became better at sculpting, I decided to make jewelry for myself. I began making brooches and earrings of little hot dogs and cupcakes. I used YouTube and cook books for inspiration in my creations. After I received enough compliments on my quirky jewelry, I decided that I should start my own business for fun. I looked into Etsy, and I made a go of it!

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Taco Earrings

Taco Earrings

How has social media helped SprinkleCake in recent years? Have you got a favorite platform to use?

Utilizing social media has helped people to recognize my shop and what I am selling.  It’s a great resource for advertisement. Having lots of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook has increased my sales since last year. Also, being on Pinterest helped build a fan base!  Selling on Etsy is wonderful, but you have to advertise your business, and social media is a great resource for that.  Without it, unless you have a huge following, there is a chance of being lost in the crowd of other similar Etsy shops. My favorite platform is Instagram, hands down.

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Cotton Candy Earrings

Cotton Candy Earrings

What makes you stand out against competitors?

I think for me, pictures and pricing is what draws a shopper to my shop. There are so many other sellers I am competing with because we all sell miniature food jewelry. But with good lighting, clear pictures to show the details and a reasonable price, it helps me to shine over the rest. Also, I make a big attempt to keep a lot of inventory in stock so that I can have a quick turn-around for shipping. I consider things that other shops may not, like a different finish on earring hooks, or making a product scented so it’s more realistic.

I love the jewellery you have on offer!  Where do you find your sources of inspiration?

Thank you very much! I am a foodie, so I typically watch food porn shows and check out awesome cookbooks. Whenever I go out to food shops and bakeries, I take pictures of something I think looks tasty. I go home and study the pictures to capture the texture of the food, and I try to recreate that through my art.

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Banana Split Earrings

Banana Split Collection

Have you got any advice for young entrepreneurs wanting to start up an E-commerce store?

My advice would be to be passionate about what you do and what you sell. If you are passionate, you will put everything into your craft. Most importantly, you need to have a customer base. You need customers to help run your E-commerce store. By doing this, you learn if you have a great product to sell that people are actually interested in. Have a strategic plan for how you want to run your business so that you don’t overspend or lose focus of your goals. Lastly, make sure that people are aware of who you are through some form of promotion. You can have thousands of potential customers who will miss your online store through searches. It’s important to achieve a high search engine result through search engine optimization (SEO). It really helps to drive traffic to your site and is essential to online business.

Walk us through a day with SprinkleCake.

As a one person business owner, I have to manage everything by myself. The mornings are spent looking over my supplies to make sure that I have enough clay, jewelry findings, shipping boxes, business cards, etc. I keep track of how much I ordered and spent on supplies. If I am low, I stock up through vendors to make sure that I am set for the whole month. Then, I look over my revenue and costs to see where I am in my budget, as I try not to overspend.

After looking this over, I review my shop analytics and check out which items have the least views. I decide on which items I either need to remove, or taking better pictures of to increase sales. I also rearrange the Etsy shop to make sure that my most popular items are featured, as well as newly added items. I make new items every week to keep new and old customers interested in my products.

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Bagles Earrings

Poppy Seed Bagels Earrings

Now that the online shop page is set up for the day, I look over any sales that I might have received from the day before. I check my inventory to make sure that I have enough in stock to ensure a fast shipment to my customers. If I have sales, I e-mail each person with a personalized message and offer fun prizes and discounts to encourage repeat customers. I also hope to encourage customers to leave reviews to attract other shoppers, and to provide me with critical feedback. I am always looking to improve my business in any way that I can. I mark my list of all the sales so that I can prepare for shipment. I am lucky to have my lovely husband to assist me with the packaging, as it can be a lot of manual labor if it’s a busy season!

Once everything is prepared for shipment, I send tracking notification to customers and ensure that they are fully aware of all steps of their transactions. If time allows, I head to my art desk to create another great piece of miniature food that I was inspired to make. This can take hours, depending on the complexity of the item.

At the end of the day, I usually work on my SEO’s and advertise on social media sites. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can interact with followers and discuss upcoming flash sales or newly added items. This gets people excited and interested in viewing my online store.

Every day I am always involved and thinking about my shop in some way. It’s truly a fun job that I love!

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Nachos Ring

Nacho Ring

Have you got any goals or aspirations to achieve by the end of the year?

Yes, I always have goals. I am always striving to make sales so that I can have revenue of $3,000 by the end of the year! I also am working to make my business grow. I’d like to work more with vendors and see my items being sold in many stores.

What is the one quote you live by?

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” –Winston Churchill

Brand Spotlight SprinkleCake Chocolate Cake Necklace

Chocolate Cake Necklace


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