Brand Spotlight – Edgar D. Ere and How You Can Be Inspired by His Artwork

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Edgar D. Ere is an upcoming artist within the world of Instagram and Tumblr, his tongue and cheek approach can instantaneously put a smile on your face. What makes his art particularly unique is the way people interact with everyday objects; from a person driving a shoe like it’s a car, to a woman lying casually within a split paracetamol capsule, Edgar’s artwork is certainly making an impact.

We wanted to feature Edgar on our Brand Spotlight this month and interview him on inspirations and what advice he could give to other like-minded artists.

Take a look at Edgar’s artwork here for regular updates:


Instagram: @edgardegasere or


Edgar Brand Spotlight - Lets DriveWhat is your source of inspiration for your artwork?

Well, many things. Mostly from youth culture, such as lifestyle, fashion, activities and relevant things about it. Sometimes I was saw other artists work as reference to trigger my ideas, it’s very helpful.
Your style is truly unique. What makes you distinct from other artists?

Oh thank you so much. What makes it distinct? I guess my work is simple, looks humorous and is relevant to other people. It’s much more fun letting the audience feel free to decided about my work and interpret it the way they want.

Edgar Brand Spotlight - Capsule

Did you professionally train in art? What age were you when you found your ‘style’?

I studied at faculty of fine art with a design major, but I was learning art from my friends, other artists, and gaining experience as well. I’ve always been trying to adapt my style, it’s only until now I have found something that I could resonate with.

Tell me something that your fans/followers don’t know

Hahaha fans! I would like to say friends, not fans or just supporters, not followers. If you want to know something, I love to do gardening and learn kungfu yeah!Edgar Brand Spotlight - Pizza Hot
What advice would you give to inspiring artists?
Any advice? Maybe I could share something; just follow your heart, find it fun and enjoy whatever you do. Believe in the process, because the results would not betray the process. So wise hahaha.
What’s the one piece of technology you couldn’t live without?

Cool question, I would choose the watch. Honestly I’m a bit disorganized when it come’s to my schedule, more spontaneously you know hahaha. The watch would be useful to remind me about the deadline aarrgghh.

Edgar Brand Spotlight - Middle Finger

When was a time you felt discouraged and how did you overcome it?

When I was lost my family or my friends, I felt like I lost my supporters too. How I did overcome it? Just by taking care of my family/friends and love them more than ever.

What is next for you? Where would you like to see your work go next?

I don’t think too much about the next piece of work, all I know is keep on being consistent and learning to produce the best art. I just continue what i’ve done before, yet I would like to start taking on commissions, participate in art exhibitions, release artist merchandise, and if I get a chance I would prepare for my solo exhibition.
Edgar brand Spotlight - Balloon
What is the one quote you live by?

Like dollars said “In God We Trust” hahaha.



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