Amazon’s New Social Network: Influencers, Get Ready to Join Amazon Spark

amazon's new social network

Amazon’s New Social Network: Spark

In case you missed the news this week, Amazon’s new social network has officially launched. Amazon Spark has been in beta for a few months, but since July 18th it has become accessible to all. This new social network will not only keep shoppers on the Amazon app and away from other social apps like Instagram, but it will also make shopping on Amazon easier and more enjoyable for today’s new generation of shoppers. Influencers- it is time to add Amazon Spark to your arsenal of social media influence.

Currently, Amazon Spark is available only for iOS users (sorry Android fans) and in the USA (another set of apologies to the lovely influencers overseas). While anyone with the app can view posts on Spark, only influencers with a Prime membership can actually post content.

The content you can post on Spark is not just limited to product reviews. It can be an outfit post, travel post, or maybe even a foodie. You just have to make sure you tag the product in the photo. Now, why should you consider joining Amazon Spark? It will make the shopping experience for your readers and fans a lot simpler. If they fall in love with the mascara you’re showcasing, you can provide a direct link to the product page itself without worrying if the product is out of stock or no longer available.

While I am not recommending any influencer leave their precious Instagram feeds behind, I am definitely encouraging all who can afford a Prime membership to join Spark. This will be an amazing starting point for those new to the influencer world, as you are joining a social network that hasn’t been tapped into just yet.

Amazon has not commented on whether influencers will be able to generate income based on their product suggestions, but expect that to be coming in the near future.

Amazon’s new social network is a genius move by the online retailer, and I’m excited to see exactly where they go with it. To read more about it, check out Amazon’s official page on Spark here. Share your opinions down below and tell me, are you going to be joining Spark?



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