2017 Year in Review: Successes and Opportunities

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I’m going to be doing more of a personal post today, and talk about my 2017 year in review. I wanted to take the time to do this more as a personal benchmark for me and what I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year. If you haven’t tried doing this yet, I highly recommend it. Just start out by picking 4 important areas in your life.

I’m breaking it down into these: 1- Financials 2- Travel 3- Career and 4-Personal Health. You can focus on more than just 4 areas, and you can choose what 4 areas you want to focus on. I’m doing it this way because it makes it easier for me and allows me to focus on what I found the most important for this year.

1- Financials

This is a big one on my list as I really wanted to try and save as much as possible. I’m currently working parttime though, and with student loans and a car payment to finish paying it left me with very little to save. So, I didn’t hit my $10k in savings for this year. However, I will be aiming to save that same amount for next year and I’ve learned a lot about how to shave down the amount I’m currently spending on food, gas, etc.

2- Travel

In this area, I can say I actually succeeded in 2017. My goal was to visit 2-3 new places this year, and I had the opportunity to see even more than that! Where did I go this past year? Heres the list:

1- New York
2- Arizona
3- Portugal
4- Orlando, Florida
5- London
6- Bath
7- Solvang, California
8- Big house, California
9- Winchester House, California
10- Seattle, Washington

I get so giddy just thinking of the places I was able to go to. I get even more excited thinking about all the places I’ll go explore in 2018!

3- Career

So this area is a mix. I can say I definitely excelled in my current role, as I’m up for a mini promotion. I was able to go on two work trips this year, and I even managed to snag an internship in Digital Marketing earlier on this year. While these were all successes, going into 2018 I want to get a role specific to what I want to do.

4- Personal Health

Sigh- this is an area that everyone who is anyone is always trying to improve on. 2017 definitely wasn’t my year on this, as both my physical and emotional health hasn’t been doing the best. I’ve already set myself up for success going into the next year though, as health is moving into one of my prime focuses. I’ve signed myself up to the gym and will be seeing a doctor on a consistent basis for my carpal tunnel. Yay! Will I be making it to the dentist this coming year though? We’ll just have to wait and see…

If you’ve done your year in review, I want to read! I love celebrating successes with people, and I think there is a lot to respect in being honest about where we need to grow. Share them with me on Twitter or in the comments below. xx


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